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You have come to the right place! Meeting minutes are the instant written record describing the events, discussions and decisions of the meeting. Having difficulty getting started? Try meeting minutes software like MeetingBooster which simplifies this process, allowing the note taker to quickly access a list of attendees and document the notes made on each agenda topic.

Sample meeting minutes template:

meeting agenda example

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Minutes Templates

There are 3 steps involved when learning how to take minutes, and recording the minutes is only 1 part of the process.

Creating a minutes template helps to streamline this process and standardize it within an organization, improving the effectiveness of the meeting minutes.

Tips for writing meeting minutes:

  1. Be sure to take attendance
  2. Be sure to document the meeting start time and location if necessary
  3. Determine your style of meeting minutes, Action, Discussion or Verbatim
  4. Record all pertinent discussions, decisions, conclusion statements and action items
  5. Format the document to company standards
  6. Distribute meeting minutes to designated attendees

Create Your Minutes Template

Currently meeting minutes are created in MS Word, but this is time consuming and difficult to adapt to a new meeting. Meeting software like MeetingBooster walks you through the 3 steps involved in creating a meeting minutes template, with simple interactive modules. The note taking module records the content, and users can finalize the minutes by creating a final minutes document with customized settings to make the document fit their corporate model.

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If you are looking for a way to streamline the minutes process, MeetingBooster’ s ability to create and optimize a minutes template is just one of the many reasons that MeetingBooster is revolutionizing the way meetings are run within an organization.


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